Liv'n the wet dream!

Welcome aboard Cap'n!

2-6 Adult Players
about 60 minutes
21 and

There's a huge floatin' shin-dig happenin' across the water. She's gonna be elbow to elbow over there so we need to round up a bunch o' boats, fill 'em with boozed-up locals, and get their asses over there before dock space is gone!

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Now Available at Fun 4 All Games!

Lakebilly is now available at Fun 4 All Games and Hobbies in Ypsilanti!
"Very nicely designed game."
"This was an easy game to understand and follow, and it was funny."
Game Night Guys

About the Game

Lakebilly tm is a rude and crude party'n game that is easy to learn, very social, and hilarious.

You play the captain - your job is to fill up as many boats as you can with boozy locals and deliver them to the lake party as fast as possible.

Stay sharp. Dock space is limited and all of the other captains on the water are rounding up their crew too. Make sure you bribe the locals with beers to get them aboard right away.

Watch out for sabotage! The other captains will steal your boats, mutiny your crew and do anything to stop you from getting to the party location.

Card Illustration by Michael C Konas .