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7 Fun Games to Play With Your Boyfriend

Perhaps, you're having a first date, or just spending a day with your very dear friend. Try these games to play with your boyfriend to have a great time!
It's free, it's joyful, and it's an excellent chance to get to know each other better and to deepen your relations. Having the right approach and desire, these couple games can be used almost anywhere, thus removing the awkwardness of conversation and avoiding the silence.

1. There are no words

This is a nice game you can play with your boyfriend on the first date. One person starts by asking yes-or-no questions. For example, you might ask, "Do you like the way I dressed today?" Then the other should answer by sipping a drink. One sip means "yes", and two sips mean "no". You can be serious or on the contrary funny and teasing.

2. Never have I never

This is another mind-blowing game which you can play with your boyfriend anyplace and any time. The rules of the game require each of you to have drinks or small snacks. You take turns saying, "I have never ..." and you say any random activity you have never tried. If your partner is sipping or eating, it means he has already experienced what you mentioned.

3. Role-playing

It is a flirty game that you can play both in private and in public. You should choose some characters that you and your boyfriend prefer, and pretend you are them.
These characters can be real people like some celebrities or they can be fictional characters from literature or cinema. You can also dress up like them to look more natural. Try acting like those people too, using their phrases and mannerisms. This role game can be also played by a couple who chat in some dating apps. You may get acquainted with ashley madison experience to know how other people diversify their communication.

4. Two truths and a lie

This game is also very helpful for knowing each other better. You should start by telling your boyfriend two truths and one lie about you. After that, your partner should guess which of the three statements you said was a lie. You take turns and, in the game process, you learn so many naughty facts about each other.

5. Charades at a double date

This popular game is best played with one more couple at a double date. Prepare some snacks and wine or other alcoholic drinks and see which partner or team is the best. It's also an excellent chance to have a good time and communicate with other couples and other people, not just your partner.

6. Truth or dare

Certainly, this famous game should be on our list of games worth playing with your man. You should just take turns asking each other, “Truth or dare?” If your boyfriend says “truth,” you should ask him a question. Nevertheless, if he says “dare,” you should come up with clever and sophisticated ways to challenge him. It could be something stupid, disgustful, sexy, or even something both of you have never experienced before.

7. Board game at night

You might play board games with your partner on weekends or even every night. You are free to choose any board game you like: Monopoly, Word Factory, Chess, card games, this list is countless. The person who wins the most should get a special reward. It’s up to you which reward to choose.
Sometimes, such games may be exactly what you and your boyfriend need to refresh your relationship. Well, let the games commence!