Liv'n the wet dream!


Below are some articles about what we learned in developing and creating Lakebilly. These are written for the benfit of anyone considering creating their own project. We hope these will help you avoid some of the mistakes we made.

Kickstarter: Succeeding the First Time Around

This was our first tangible product as well as our first attempt at running a Kickstarter. It took us over a year to bring the project to life. Here are some notes on what we learned about crowdfunding.
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What to expect in designing your first card game

Building your first game from scratch is a challenging process. These are some of the problems that we encountered and what we did to overcome them.
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Thematic art direction in game design

Our first game was very visual and contained 125 fully illustrated cards. In this article we will touch on the illustration and graphical work and it's evolution throughout the project.
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Card Illustration by Michael C Konas .