Liv'n the wet dream!

PEOPLE CARDS (65 total)

When people cards are played, they board a boat. The amount of beers it costs to play this card is at the top left and the amount of people the card had is at the top right. People cards have special traits and effects that impact gameplay.

EVENT CARDS (25 total)

Event cards have a cost and an effect. The left number is the amount of beer it costs to play the card. There are a variety of powerful and unique effects offered by these cards.

BOAT CARDS (25 total)

Boats carry people to the location. The top left number is the amount of beer it costs to put this boat into play and the top right number is the boat's capacity.


There is a single Location that all players are trying to reach. This card displays the number of boats that can be anchored at the location and the amount of beer per turn each player can spend to convince People to board their Boats.



Card Illustration by Michael C Konas .