Liv'n the wet dream!

Special Thanks!

Lakebilly tm has been Crowdfunded via Kickstarter .

The game creators would like to thank all of our backers and to pass along a special thanks to our high profile supporters:

Co-Designer Contributors
  • Brian House
    Coming soon.
  • Chris and Jana Mosher
    Coming soon.
  • Christina Morton
    Coming soon.
  • Corey LaRose
    Coming soon.
  • Dan McPherson
    "Great designers, fun times, cool bonuses, and an amazing looking game! What else could we ask for? Oh, and just like this crazy game, everyone should remember that Lakebillies are a little different. My Dad is a Lakebilly of the first order and I think his motto should be: 'Work hard; have fun; don't take yourself so serious; and, if all else fails, get on a boat and drink till ya can't think.' I can't wait to see his picture on one of these cards! Thanks guys for everything you are doing to make this happen!"
  • Eric and Tricia Ciak
    Coming soon.
  • James Collins
    Coming soon.
  • Jeff
    Coming soon.
  • Jonathan Bailey
    Coming soon.
  • Linda Ciak
    Coming soon.
  • Mark Iannettoni
    Coming soon.
  • Miguelito
    Coming soon.
  • Ryan MacDonald
    Coming soon.
Special Contributors
  • Adrienne
  • Alex Brooks
  • Beth Carey Karfis
  • Fred Ghosn
  • Jessica J. Konas
  • Katie Moray
  • Lauren LaRose
  • Lorena Norman
  • Paul Labelle
  • Stephen
  • Steven Konas
  • Timo
Card Illustration by Michael C Konas .