Liv'n the wet dream!


What is a Lakebilly tm ?

Anyone who likes to party and have a beer now and then is a Lakebilly tm .

You are probably a Lakebilly tm that has not yet been diagnosed. Lakebilly tm presents with a variety of signs, including:

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  • excessive thirst
  • loud vocal outbursts
  • killing and eating mammals or fish
  • webbed fingers
  • bar fights
  • opposition to authority
  • excessive cursing
  • public urination
  • handcuffs
  • driving a lawnmower on the road
  • chugging beer
  • lighting fireworks
  • having more fun than everyone else

If you have one or more of these symptoms you may already be a Lakebilly tm .

Do I have to drink alcohol to play?

No, you do not have to drink to play. However, this puts you at a great advantage over other players who are playing by the rules. Suggestions for balancing the game if you are not drinking:

  • remove one piece of clothing for every drink you don't take
  • punch yourself in the face once for every drink you don't take

Do I need a boat to play?

No, you do not need a boat to play. However, if you are playing on a boat, Gentlemen's Rules stipulate that all drink orders are doubled. If you are playing on any other moving vehicle (or mammal), send us a picture, because that is awesome.

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We periodically run contests giving away Lakebilly games, and merch. Check the contest page for details.

How did you come up with the idea for the game?

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Card Illustration by Michael C Konas .