Liv'n the wet dream!
Jan 16th, 2014
Lakebilly reviewed by Guys Games and Beer!

"I love the art on this!... very cool." Come take a seat with the Gutter Geeks as they play a hilarious round of LakeBilly:

Jan 12th, 2014
Lakebilly reviewed by Game Night Guys!

"Very nicely designed game... this was an easy game to understand and follow, and it was funny." Check out the hilarious podcast review by Game Night Guys:

Jan 11th, 2014
Lakebilly is going to GenCon!

We are proud to announce that Lakebilly will be at GenCon 2014 ! This is the game's first big trade show and we are excited to take part in this awesome event.

Jan 5th, 2014
Lakebilly is at Angelos'!

Lakebilly is now available at Angelo's Restaurant in Ann Arbor. Pick up a copy while you enjoy the best breakfast in town.

Visit for store information.

Dec 29th, 2013
Lakebilly is at Fun 4 All Games!

Lakebilly is now available at Fun 4 All Games and Hobbies in Ypsilanti. Stop by at their new location on Carpenter road and check out their awesome store.

Visit for store information.

Dec 28th, 2013
Lakebilly is here!

Lakebilly is here! The last year has been a tremendous amount of work and we are very pleased with how the game turned out. We finished shipping out all of the orders today so check your mailbox soon! Thank you all for the awesome support - we are excited to hear everyone's feedback!

Sept 16th, 2013
Kickstarter: Succeeding the First Time Around

We successfully funded our card game 'Lakebilly' via Kickstarter in 2012. Currently, the game is being manufactured and we anticipate taking it to market in the next few months. This was our first tangible product as well as our first attempt at running a Kickstarter. It took us over a year to bring the project to life. Here are some notes on what we learned about crowdfunding.

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Sept 5th, 2013
'Show us your Lakebilly' Contest Winners!

Congrats Adam from Nova Scotia, Canada and Emmanuel from Lagos, Jalisco, Mexico! You are the winners of our 'Show us your Lakebilly' contest. We will be sending you some free Lakebilly tm swag: a copy the game, a tshirt, coozies and a bottle opener!

Thanks to everyone who entered!

August 28th, 2013
Lakebilly goes to print!
After a full year of development Lakebilly has just been sent off to manufacturing! We are very excited to see our creation come to life and to get it into your hands. This process typically takes 6 to 10 weeks, so stay tuned for updates.
July 31st, 2013
New Gameplay Videos

Check out the new Gameplay Intro and Advanced Gameplay videos!

July 11th, 2013
90% Complete!

We are currently finishing up the remaining 12 card illustrations and working with the printers to finalize the rulebook and packaging. Stay tuned!

May 13th, 2013
New Site Launched

The new website is up and running! We are now available on mobile and handheld devices!

Apr 23rd, 2012
Home Stretch!

We've been hard at work tightening up the deck, tweaking the cards, and getting the rest of the illustrations completed.

We are happy to report that 70% of the illustrations are complete! This puts us a little behind our estimated delivery date, but for good reason. Our number one priority is making Lakebilly tm an awesome game - this means maintaining the level of quality in both game design and illustration that we envisioned when we came up with the idea.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Oct 6th, 2012
Successfully funded!
Lakebilly has been successfully funded via Kickstarter! We would like to extend a special thanks to all of our awesome backers.

Card Illustration by Michael C Konas .